Get IN On It—For all the INsight, INnovation, and INspiration

Marketing Week Vancouver is a curated collection of some of the most insightful, innovative, and inspiring conferences and events to be staged in the Vancouver area. Simply put, it is a celebration and exposition of all that is marketing…and where it’s going.

With this being the inaugural year for Marketing Week Vancouver, it marks the first time that the local tech, marketing, and digital community has united to provide a concentrated array of marketing related events. From strategic planning and storytelling to influencer campaigns and marketing technology, to name a few, you’ll learn from, interact with, and get inspired by acclaimed thought leaders, respected innovators, and internationally recognized brands.

The various events will take place in multiple locations throughout the Vancouver area—from Olympic Village in False Creek to the heart of ski country in Squamish, British Columbia. And though the events are all independent of each other AND focus on a specific area, they share a common goal of providing a powerfully unforgettable experience.