MARKETING WEEK VANCOUVER Aims To Unite Marketing Community

February 20, 2017 – VANCOUVER, B.C. – The first-ever Marketing Week Vancouver kicks-off on Monday April 3, 2017—with a media-only launch party scheduled for 9am at the Vancouver Club.

About Marketing Week Vancouver (#MWV17)

Marketing Week Vancouver is a curated collection of independently run conferences, workshops and interactive events—created specifically with the modern marketer, forward-thinking leader, and business connector in mind. In essence, it’s a year’s worth of marketing-related insight, innovation and inspiration served up in a single five-day period. It’s an undertaking that has not previously been done in Vancouver.

The various events will take place in multiple locations throughout the Vancouver area—from Olympic Village in False Creek to the heart of ski country in Squamish, British Columbia. They’re independently produced by different associations, marketing consultants, and digital agencies.  Collectively, the various events have been able to attract several internationally renowned thought leaders as well as speakers from dozens of high-profile brands—including Buzzfeed, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. All of whom will aid in helping to draw even more attention to the local marketing community.

A Connector Of Industries

This, the inaugural year of Marketing Week Vancouver, marks the first time that the local tech, marketing, and digital community has united to provide a concentrated array of marketing related events. On its own this may not seem exceptionally unique until you understand just how fragmented Vancouver’s marketing community has traditionally been. The tech, traditional marketing, and digital sectors have operated quite independently of each other—with their own associations, conferences, and even award shows. But one of the objectives of Marketing Week Vancouver is unite these stand-alone sects and create a greater whole from the sum of those individual parts.

“With the evolution of marketing well under way, certain industries that were not previously considered to be part of the marketing lexicon have come into the fold…like marketing automation or omni-channel, for instance. In some markets this convergence has been readily accepted, but in others, like Vancouver, we still see them as disparate entities.”  Says Andrew Sharpe President-Elect of the BC chapter of the American Marketing Association. (BCAMA).  Sharpe goes on to say “So having a catalyst, like Marketing Week Vancouver, that brings these different sectors together is such an important part of the continued growth of Vancouver’s marketing industry.”
That sentiment is echoed by Darian Kovacs, co-founder of CIMC (one of the larger conferences taking place within Marketing Week Vancouver), “When it comes to marketing there’s a lot that’s going down in the local Vancouver scene. It’s moved well past just advertising and promotions…and into tech related tactics. So it’s really important to have an overall umbrella to bring all the categories together…even if it’s only for one week. Marketing Week Vancouver may just be that catalyst to create a more inclusive marketing community.”

What To Expect

From strategic planning and storytelling to influencer campaigns and marketing technology, to name a few, attendees will learn from, interact with, and get inspired by acclaimed thought leaders, respected innovators, and internationally recognized brands.

The diverse line-up for this year’s Marketing Week Vancouver includes: The BCAMA’s annual Vision Conference; A CMO’s Roundtable On Branding In The Digital Age; The two-day CIMC (formerly Canadian Internet Marketing Conference); Design Thinking Day—by digital marketers Domain7 Discussions; and the Modern Marketer’s Playbook—a workshop that provides strategies & techniques to transform established retail organizations into modern brands.

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Media contact:
Andrew Sharpe
President-Elect,  BCAMA